Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to Betty our doggie dining critic

We'd like to send a big WELCOME to our newest journalist, Betty. Betty is known throughout Kansas City as KC's Only Doggie Dining Critic as well as the only Outdoor Dining Critic.

"B.D.R." Big Dogs Rule!!! Says Betty, Kansas City's only outdoor dining critic.

Her actual doggie dining critique was the same. "B.D.R." Beignets definitely ROCK at  the new,"old" Napolean bakery at 119th st.,near the Cheesecake factory. (They used to be located in Westport.)

Napoleon's actually made  figure-friendly, non-sugared beignets for us!

My BCFF (best, canine, friend forever), Beignet, known as "Beg-NOT" for short, snuck around and ate all my breakfast. I didn't go hungry though, I ate my master's blueberries from her fruit cup. YUMMO!

I give Napoleon's Bakery a definite for 4 bones for service,quality--- and atmosphere. Of course, I was bribed by beignets!

Next assignment: I'm going undercover at a local pet spa for the weekend "sleep-over."

To send Betty fan mail or ask her to visit a particular restaurant, click HERE.

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