Friday, July 31, 2009

Wines with Canines

Wines with Canines

If you missed our first ever Wines with Canines event, you really missed out! But, never fear! We're going to do it again.

Join us for wine and appetizer specials at:
Wedneday, August 19th
a wine flights bar and bistro in Leawood, Kansas
6pm to 8pm.

a wine flights bar and bistro will have the following specials for all dog people attending:
  • the infamous Three Dog Flight of Sangrias
  • half-price appetizers along
  • wonderful dog people to hang out with!

And, thanks to feedback from those attending, we'll be hosting other "Dining with Dogs" events very soon around the metro area, including a Paws for Pizza event that will be fun for the whole family.

DogsLifeKC Newsletter - July 31, 2009

August is just a few days away and there is still so many fun things to do in the city with your dog even though the weather is H-O-T! Have you considered attending one of the local outdoor concerts or outdoor showings of movies?

Check them out on our Around the Town calendar!


This weekend... enjoy the tunes
Saturday, August 1
  • Country Club Plaza
    Enjoy FREE, live outdoor music every Saturday afternoon from 2-5 pm from now until September. Come join the fun as the Plaza courtyards are filled with the sounds of reggae, rock, bluegrass and R&B.
  • The Legends at Village West
    Turn up the volume on summer fun with FREE concerts at The Legends every Saturday night plus Memorial Day and Labor Day. Enjoy Kansas City's finest local and regional musicians, a brew patio and even a play area for the kids, all surrounding the fountain in the center courtyard. 5pm to 8pm
  • Zona Rosa
    Gather in Zona Rosa's Town Square for a wonderful FREE!!!! concert series every Saturday night throughout the summer.

Looking for...Dining with Dogs
We're looking for places that will allow Dining with Dogs. If you know of any spots that are "rumored" to allow dogs on their patios, please let us know:

Particular places that we're interested in finding restaurants:
  • The Northland
  • Overland Park
  • Independence
  • Lee's Summit

Next Week... Dog Retreat at The Elms
Aug. 7, 8 and 9

For more information:
Dog Retreat is a fundraiser for ESFOA. This fun family Dog Retreat is a great getaway weekend you can enjoy with your pet. Enjoy the Movie Friday, Pet Expo, Demos Dog Contests , Art Show and more all day on Saturday and for breakfast on Sunday.

Questions: Call Marilyn (816) 838-7490

Spotlight on - Dock Dogs

Come try the fastest growing dog sport - Dock Dogs. It's open to all breeds and experience levels.

Mo-Kan DockDogs Practice
Sunday, August 2, at 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Kemper Outdoor Education Center

8201 Jasper Bell Blue Springs, MO 64015

Noon -1pm - Beginners & Volunteers
1pm -3pm - Open Dock practice
3pm - 4pm - Extreme Vertical

To reserve your sport or for more information:


Mark your calendars

Save the date for these dog events!

  • Saturday, Aug. 15th - Tails on the Trails in Lenexa
  • Saturday, Aug. 15th - The Crossings at Barry Road's Off-Leash Dog Park Grand Opening
  • Saturday, Aug. 15th - Three Dog Bakery's Bark-to-School portraits
  • Thursday, Aug. 20th - Dogs Days of Summer at Prairie Village Shops
  • Saturday, Aug. 22nd - Doga in the Park at Mill Creek Park on the Plaza

For more details on these events and many others, visit our Web site:


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What would life be like without a dog?

I readily admit, over the years, I have gotten spoiled. For my entire adult life, I've had a dog with me.

When I leave for work, there is a fuzzy face peering out the window as I pull out of the driveway. It is that same face that greets me when I get home and pushes through the door to see if I brought something home for him.

There used to be three black, wooly mammoths in the house to watch me leave, welcome me home, share the couch space and accompany me on walks and trips. Now, there is just one, Quincy, affectionately known as the Q.

He used to be the youngest of three and now is the remaining, reigning king of the house.

The last two years have been hard on us. Calvin, the middle Newfie, passed away. I lost a job, got a job and we had to move. Of course, all of this not only added stress to my life, it had an impact on Quincy, too. And, to makes things worse, he was gravely ill twice.

Luckily, we had each other and we pulled through everything. He got me through the rough times and I took on the role of nursemaid when he was sick. But, it also made me contemplate, what would life be like without a dog?

The only thing I could think of was "extremely lonely." True, I have friends and family, but the thought of possibly losing the Q made me ill. He is my constant companion, my confidant and my BFF. :-)

I have had friends say that they enjoy the dog-less life. They can come and go as they please. IF they want to go to Chicago for a weekend, they just go.They're not shelling out $$$ for special foods, vet bills and pet sitters. And, they don't worry about rushing home after work to let the dog out.

A few speak of these things as horrid obligations and a reason not to have a dog.

I don't see those as horrible tasks. I see them as really cheap payment for all the companionship and enjoyment I get from them. What I have to do is a drop in the bucket for what I get and I do feel that having the Q in my life helps me structure and schedule it so I can get more accomplished.

Two weeks ago, Quincy's daughter, Darla, had a gorgeous litter of Newfoundland puppies. And the lovely "puppy-itis" started.

I had been waiting for this litter, particularly after freaking out last fall over Quincy's illnesses. I was seeing this as an opportunity to add to the fuzzy family with a new, little boy. I had picked out names, planned puppy classes, and all the cool things we could do.

Alas, the litter was all girls and I was greatly disappointed.

True, they're all extremely beautiful and have all the potential in the world. And, LOADS of my friends have girl dogs and adore them to no end. But, I couldn't get past my "sex prejudice." I wanted a boy.

After the arrival of the "girls," I talked to the lady that I got Quincy from and she had a litter on the ground with 7 boys. She couldn't promise me that the right one would be there for me but she said I could get on her waiting list. So, I contemplated that over the weekend.

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." I heard that over and over from my friends.

I agree with that, but couldn't figure out for the life of me what that meant at this moment. I have 5 girl puppies and wanted a boy. Do I change my expectations? Do I get on the list for a boy? Or, do I come up with another plan?

I hemmed and hawed. I made pros and cons lists. I tore them up and started over again.

Last night, I sat in the whelping box with Darla and looked at her beautiful babies. I kissed them all and assigned them to their new homes:
- one goes to Florida;
- two go to families in Kansas;
- and the rest go to Michigan

None will stay with me. I'll see the ones in Kansas on a regular basis. I'll help with grooming and training them. But, none will stay with me.

After I notified all the new homes their precious package would be ready to leave with them in 8 weeks, I got on email and took my name off the waiting list for a boy.

I then took Quincy for a walk and told him that it was "just you and me kiddo."

Scary as it is to contemplate the thought of being without a dog, I realized that I'm booked to the gills right now with work, the Web site, and other commitments, not to mention the fact that Quincy is not ready to retire.

Yes, I would love the dog: boy or girl. It's just my nature. I'd love it no matter what. But, I would rather those dogs go to homes where they'll be the star. I don't have the time to devote to that at this moment.

Right now, Quincy and I have the task of helping others make their dogs the light of their families life.

Very Drooly Yours,

Nicki & the Q