Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us

As the first birthday for rolls around, our Pack at DogsLifeKC is shaking things up a bit and doing something different.

This year, we have two goals. One is to provide more educational opportunities for dog lovers in the Kansas City metro area. The other is to be more active. :-)

As part of our goal to be more active, we'll be welcoming you, our friends, to join us on walks once a month. We'll be holding those throughout the city in different areas.

As part of our educational goals, we're revamping our weekly newsletter to add a few more stories and interviews. And, we're redoing our events as well.

As part of our educational goals, we're inviting canine professionals to come to our hosted events and speak a little bit about their canine specialty whether that be agility training or conditioning via physical therapy or even reading dog's body language.

Our events, as they have always been, will be held outside and dogs are welcome. They will be FREE and the presentation portion will be anywhere from 15-to-30 minutes long. Then the speakers will hang around for awhile so you and your dog have the opportunity to speak to them at your leisure.

We hope you enjoy our new additions and if you have any thoughts or suggested speakers, let us know!

The DogsLifeKC pack

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